Holiday Sex Ideas!

The holiday season is the perfect time to spice things up sexually. Holidays bring couples together, and that closeness should be translated over to sexual intimacy as well. It’s a great time to have fun, try different things out, and become more sexually intimate than ever before. Here’s some ideas on how:

1. “Sexual desserts” – Holidays and food go hand and hand, and this can make an easy transition into incorporating food into your sexual play. There are many options for sexual desserts, such as whip cream, frostings, syrups, glazes, gel icings, cream pies, and much more. Don’t limit yourself and consulting a sex shop or a sex manual can open up new and erotic ways to practice sexual dessert play.

2. “Miss Clause have I been naughty?” – One of the most sexiest outfits a woman can wear during holiday intimacy is a very revealing, seductive, Santa Claus or Miss Clause costume or lingerie outfit. Buying your partner such an outfit can add a whole new world of eroticism and its perfect for the holiday season. The male can even dress up as Santa if he desires, and even another option for the female is a sexy elf outfit.

3. “Consulting the Manual” – An excellent way to explore the holiday season with all kinds of sexually intimate tips, tricks and ideas, is to consult a good lovemaking manual which will have hundreds of options you can choose from. This makes holiday sexual intimacy a no-brainer, as you can immediately consult the manual that day for a few ideas, then that same night spend a quiet holiday evening practicing some of the new intimate and erotic tricks!

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